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property seekers

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Advert on most famous Chinese Portals

The best way to directly reach out to all your potential buyers is through listings on Chinese
property websites. This cuts out the middle men, allowing buyers to directly access information about a property – in a language they understand. Get your property listings on the main advertising channels on Chinese area.  

and other 100+ local newspapers from most biggest Chinese cites

     Among them, most famous real estate portals and boards, modern search engines, real estate databases, professional classifieds, local online newspapers and magazines and many other popular websites from the Chinese speaking areas of Shanghai, Guangzhou, Hong Kong, Beijing, Shenzhen, Chongqing, Chengdu, Tianjin, Wuhan, Nanyang, Taiwan,  Singapore.

Just provide your property details
and we do all the rest.

View your advertisements live within 24 hours. Provide your properties information with your phone number, install WeChat app if you don’t have it on your phone and wait calls and cheats from Chinese investors and buyers.

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Let us have your properties details: links to your properties from where we can retrieve all your property information for advertising, Or send us your XML feed or all by email: description text, images, location, price and your contact details email, phone number and WeChat QR code to advert@chinahousebuyers.com



We import all your property information in our system. After manual adaptation in Chinese export feeds daily, weekly or monthly on all portals that more interesting for your property offer.



Receive our confirmation email with all your access details. Follow the given links and view all your advertisements online. Install WeChat and wait chats and calls from China.


48% area coverage
8 Chinese Real Estate Portals
  • Advertising on 8 Chinese portals
  • Manual quality translation in Chinese
  • Instant incoming leads translation
  • 60% of Chinese speaking area coverage​
  • 60 million of potential property buyers
  • 12 months online


88% area coverage
20+ Chinese Real Estate Portals
  • Advertising on 20+ Chinese portals
  • Manual quality translation in Chinese
  • Instant incoming leads translation
  • 91% of Chinese speaking area coverage
  • 150 million of property seekers
  • 12 months online


Wich portals are included in 8 portals package?

The 8 portals package includes advertising on Juwai.com, MyFun.com, GloFang.com, WaiGuoFang.com, Fang.com, MlnGlobal.com, YazhouGouFang.com and UHomes.com.

How much time does it take to post my advertisement?

We are proceeding with advertising right after we receive all the necessary information about you and your properties. It takes us 24-48 hours to publish your advertisements on all most famous Chinese real estate portals. You will receive our confirmation email with all links to your ads online. Where you can see and control all your advertisements live.

What is your commission?

We don’t charge any commission, we publish your properties advertisements on Chinese real estate portals with your contact details: a phone number, email address and WeChat QR code. So, all interested buyers contact you directly.

Can you send me the invoice?

Of course, please send us your company details for invoicing or your name if you are private person and you will receive our official invoice with our company and bank details. You can pay by bank transfer to our IBAN.

Any signatures, or application forms to fulfill or to subscribe?

No, not at all! We do a fast and easy service, just so excellent as it is! Our mission is a favorable win win work and smooth co-operation, satisfying any of your exigences, naturally in the law respect.

How can I change my property informations on Chinese Portals?

Easy. You only need to tell us what you want to change and we will update all your properties information on all portals within 24 hours. You can call or simply send us an email to online@chinahousebuyers.com

Properties that I want to publish on Chinese portals have different locations, for example: Italy, Switzerland, France, etc.

This is not a problem because we publish your property in area country where is located the immovable good. Our platform connect all Chinese portals where Chinese people are looking to buy properties overseas. All portals are a specialized only in properties abroad.

Buyer protection - protected at 100%

You are safe at 100% with the PayPal Buyer Protection. You can ask for your money back anytime from PayPal. Until 30 days from your payment date If you are not satisfied you can ask for a refund in 24 hours from us.

How to pay your service?

Payment by credit card from our website, or ask us for an invoice and pay it trough bank transfer to our company bank account for activate our advertising service package.

How do you translate my advertisement?

All the advertisements are being translated by high-qualified native Chinese interpreters. We working separately with each ad, our long experience give it all of time, reaching the perfect Chinese translation of your real estate advertisement.

How to send you my property details for advertising on Chinese portals?

1. Send all by email: pictures, description text, location, price and your contacts to advert@chinahosuebuyers.com Use wetransfer.com if you need to upload big files and send us the download link. 2. Send us your XML feed for a free translation and adaption in our system for exporting on all Chinese real estate portals from our network. 3. Send direct links to your properties, 1 link per each property to any website from where we can take all information about your properties for advertising on Chinese portals.

But I do not speak Chinese, how can I answer directly to the Caller?

You can install WeChat app on all your devices, this will help you to receive and translate instantly all your leads from China. With the instant translation in WeChat you can speak easily with all your interested Chinese investors and buyers. They ask their questions in Chinese and you answer rapidly in English.

Can I change my properties with other on portals during my 12 months online advertising package?

Of course, you can change your properties with other that you think are more interesting or if you sold it already any time just send us an email to online@chinahousebuyers.com

Connect Chinese
buyers in WeChat

For Chinese investors, the first step to purchase property worth millions of
dollars on the other side of the globe, is a lot more akin to ordering a new t-shirt
online – search and click. Social media with WeChat is a catalyst, connecting Chinese buyers and overseas agents. At least one prospective buyer entrusts an agent with over
100 million dollars to invest in residential housing. Others buy houses, according
to real estate agents, without necessarily seeing them.

WeChat is the best place to find investors and buyers in China

WeChat now boasts over 1.25 billion monthly active users. It is the most integrated social app on the planet, catering for almost all users’ daily activities. It’s an instant messenger, news app, app store, e-wallet device, taxi ordering application, photo sharing platform and gaming device all rolled into one.

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million daily active WeChat users
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WeChat sales of high-end properties is a fact of our reality because WeChat is so invasive

The live chat functionality allows agents, developers and property owners to instantly connect with interested buyers. You can also present your property details, floor plans and specifications via an official microsite whilst posting live updates on a WeChat video stream for virtual property viewings and snapshots of the local neighborhood. WeChat also serves as an important site for sharing quality, informative content on investment opportunities. Target specific groups through community chats and share quality information because is vital to keep investors up-to-date with the real estate market in your area.

Influence and contact
Chinese investors and buyers in WeChat !!!

The first thing you need to do in order to use WeChat for marketing is to gain followers – there’s no point in having an account if nobody is going to see your posts. The easiest way to do this is by capturing the mobile phone numbers. We have in our databases 10 million phone numbers of all Chinese private and public investors,  rich people with high income and high net worth, international property Buyers and seekers, business owners and CEO. We will import the contacts into your account automatically.

Gain followers


30 000 followers
$ 950
  • 30 000 followers to your account
  • 12 press releases
  • 1 month account management


100 000 followers​
$ 2299
  • 100 000 followers to your account​
  • 36 press releases​
  • 3 months account management


300 000 followers​
$ 4399
  • 300 000 followers to your account​
  • 72 press releases​
  • 6 months account management

Registration in WeChat

Register and set up an official
company account in WeChat.

Micro Site

‘Micro Sites’ with your properties
are hosted within the
WeChat application and have
become almost as important as
your official Chinese website.

WeChat Account Promotion

Share quality information about your real estate properties and projects. Is vital to keep investors up-to-date with the real estate market in your area.


Advert on 18 000+ Chats and Groups, local influencers, establish collaborations with Real Estate agents from Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Chongqing, Chengdu, Tianjin, Wuhan, Nanyang, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore.

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